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So this is what I want..

Derby injuries…….it was only a matter of time
Now lets not be nieve, we all play roller derby knowing full well an injury is highly likely or almost guaranteed at some point in your derby life.
Almost 8 months in with mere bruises and grazes then BAM rotator cuff injury. Worst part of it I know damn well it was preventable but mid scrim you can get a little gun ho and sure enough I did. I’m jamming, coming up to the pack at full speed only one blocker on the inside line on the apex, I think ‘I don’t need to slow down, I’ll hit her she’ll go flying and I’ll just keep on going on the inside’ oooooh how wrong was I, going against everything I know! She saw me, she braced, I hit her, I spun off her and landed shoulder first on the ground followed by my legs haha boy did it hurt, I’m ashamed but there were tears on the flat track!
Needless to say that was the end of the scrim for me (and it was my first time as captain *hangs head in shame*) but I’ve been x-rayed and nothing is broken HUZZAH! See the physio on Thursday to see how long I’ll be off skates for :(
This has been the moment I’ve dreaded most since starting derby….not being able to play. But if it’s done nothing else it’s sure as hell knocked some sense into me. Get low and more importantly than that…. Skill over power. Don’t go in hell for leather when a skilful tap or manoeuvre could do the job, you’ll only end up hurting yourself. Believe me!
Play safe kiddy winks ;)

Week 8

WOOOOOOP First scrim tonight!! Awesomeness :D but first -

  • Pace line > two pace lines to be more accurate! Both keeping in time with each other one on the outside line, one on the inside. We did a few drills like this, speeding up, slowing down, the front member of each line speeding up and when they reach the back of the line skate through the pack giving hip checks on both sides then skating all the way round to get to the back of the lines. Interchanging, on the blow of the whistle the outside pace line would move to the inside and vise versa, making sure not to bump into anyone making it as smooth a transition as possible.
  • SCIMMAGE > woooooooooop!! A light contact scrim to get everyone thinking about the game and how we’ll need to work more as a team. Also fricking awwweeesssooooommmeee :D haha I even had a go at jamming! Really underestimate how tiring it is!Haha bloody loved it though! Being in a pack and working as a team knowing what everyone needs to do and where they need to be is soooooooooooo hard!! Wow did I struggle! I’m sure there are many things I will pick up as we scrim more and working on a team isn’t solely on me, we will all really start to come together as a team. Really exciting, my love for derby just keeps on growing :D