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So this is what I want..

Just a quick (slightly late) post to say a massive thank you to all at NWRD! It was my birthday on the 11th of Feb and it happened to coincide with training night :D a derby birthday what more could you ask for!! Weeeeell as you can see above all of the beautiful gals n guys of NWRD signed me a birthday card and made me stand up by myself as they sang happy birthday!! I can’t remember a better birthday and I loved every bit of it. So a huuuuuge THANK YOU to my derby family, I couldn’t have spent it with better people :)
I want to say an extra special thank you to Rhimorseless, my fellow NWRD teammate and very good friend, for hand making me this b-e-a-utiful card and buying me a frying pan to teach me to make pancakes (pancake day was after my bday) I’m an excellent tosser now hahaha

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